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A Super Comics Begins: DC Comics’ Futures End

Wow. That was intense !


DC Comics’ new super comics series The New 52: Futures End story starts 35 years in the future of the DC Universe. This issue #0 is presented as a prologue to the actual series. It’s action-packed and, as I have already wrote in the first line, intense.

Why am I referring it as “Super Comics”?

Thats because, in the ocean of events in  DC comics universe, very few cause radical impact throughout the ecosystem. The magnitude of these events that is illustrated in these issues are extremely high and powerful. So, I call them “Super Comics”; issues that disrupt the natural (?) flow of DC events. Remember, another super comics “Batman: A Death in the Family?” The death of favorite sidekick forever changed our good old Batman. He became darker, harsher and grittier thereon.

I keep calling Futures End a super comics because I have a gut feeling that the series is going to forever change the future of DC Universe.

The premise is that the world has been taken over by the brother eye. Almost every meta-human [humans with super powers] in the world has somehow become a type of cyborg that follow brother eye. Their goal is to ‘cleanse the world’ of flesh and turn everyone into cyborgs just like them. The few humans and meta-humans that haven’t been taken over by the ‘bugs’ are trying to fight back anyway they can. But most of them quickly fall prey to the cyborg meta-humans and turn into cyborgs themselves. The issue ends with Batman Beyond being sent back in time to alter the future, or should I say present.

As you can imagine from the premise of this super comics, many superhero characters from DC universe make appearance in this issue. For example: Flash, Green Lantern, Blue Beetle and a few other that I will not spoil. Superman, Wonder Woman also make appearances; just not as their usual selves. The things we do get to see aren’t pretty. Our heroes are thrown into some very dire situations that, after a few pages, you realize most of them won’t survive. Add to that the detailed artwork, and it is quite entertaining to read through the pages.

The beginning of any super comics series needs to be ravishing. However…

The story needs to be enticing enough to kick readers’ brain, grab their attention. The brief plot that this prologue issue reveals is quite interesting. We see a lot of characters and a lot of things happening. However, we don’t get to know how or why these things happened. A lot of things have been left in the dark and unexplained. That is to be expected since this is just the prologue to the actual super comics series.

What this issue does suffer from is a little bit of rushed story-telling. It throws too much towards the readers. Some may feel a little confused after the first reading, especially if they are not familiar with all the characters. A second read-through might be necessary to fully wrap your head around the plot, which admittedly, is not completely new to comics readers. We have already seen the ‘altering the future’ story line many times before, in many different forms. One would expect the writers to have a little twist in there for the readers, but there aren’t any.

These things don’t take away from the whole experience though. Even with a somewhat standard plot, it manages to capture the readers’ attention quite well.

What about the art of the super comics? The detailed artwork really helps to convey the apocalyptic nature of the story. It’s dark and fitting. The red sky, the setting and the characters are beautifully drawn. There isn’t really anything to nitpick in this category.

Over all, this issue was a delightful read. Some may complain that it is a fast paced recycled plot. Still, I would call it the beginning of super comics that would forever alter how we see DC’s world today.

Here’s the cover of the next episode. Enjoy!


About Abrar:

Abrar Rahman is an avid Manga and Comic Book Fan and a reviewer from Bangladesh. He is one of the first Kolpobabu Community member as well.


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